NAVIGON 2400 and 2410


NAVIGON 2400 and 2410


Navigon just introduced a few new models today. A couple of these are the NAVIGON 2400 and 2410 which boast a new function called the Last Mile - which pretty much is a ‘pedestrian navigation system’. Last Mile function help you when you are done driving and need to walk to your destination - a very good feature for big crowded cities where parking spaces are far far from your actual end point. The new feature will specially work well in big unfamiliar European cities. What’s really cool is the new E-compass which can point to your destination even when you’re standing still. Also NAVIGON 2400 and 2410 know to mark the location of your vehicle as soon as you switch to the pedestrian mode.

NAVIGON 2400 will be available for 149 Euros and will include regional maps. For an extra 20 Euros you can pick up the NAVIGON 2410 which includes European maps. These should be available as soon as this month.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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