TomTom XXL 530S


TomTom XXL 530S


TomTom XXL 530S is the new GPS navigation system from the company. First thing that catches our attention here is the ‘XXL’ of course. Why XXL? Because the screen measures 5″.

Just released for the U.S. and Canada markets, the TomTom XXL 530S will offer the IQ Routes Technology which claims to save time and fuel by providing the most optimal route. It does this by utilizing historical speed measurements for every time of day and for every road segment, from large highways to small roads.

Other than that a couple other things worth mentioning are the awesome window mounts that come with the device and the TomTom map share technology that lets users edit/correct maps.

TomTom XXL 530S will cost $280 when it comes out in October.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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