MEDION GoPal P4635 GPS navigation system


MEDION GoPal P4635 GPS navigation system


We haven’t been talking about Medion for a while now, but no worries - they’re still alive and kicking. At the past IFA 2009 which ended very recently they announced their new model MEDION GoPal P4635. The new GoPal P4635 model has many premium features such as voice control, SiRFInstantFixll technology and TMC, which collects information from both intelligent transport services as well as a dynamic information service. There’s an integrated GSM module that receives this constant and real-time information on recent changes in the traffic, parking situation, gas prices and the weather. MEDION GoPal P4635 also has the new navigation MEDION GoPal 5 GPS navigation system software with a variety of safety-enhancing and practical additional functions.

The traffic information is relayed from Navteq Traffic which comes from various sources such as regional data centers and about 5,000 inductive loops on freeways. Also 4000 infrared detectors on motorway bridges as well as data of so-called floating cars from a fleet of over 50,000 vehicles are involved. Compared with the conventional TMC reception on FM this is considered much more information. With the new MEDION GoPal P4635, the user is therefore given a detailed overview of the entire traffic situation.

Starting September 2009, the MEDION GoPal P4635 will be available for about 350 euros. The purchase price includes one year of GSM service and after that you can get access for EUR 4.95 a month, or 49.95 per year.

MEDION GoPal P4635 specs:

  • Built-in GSM module for intelligent traffic and dynamic info service

  • EU map (43 countries in Western and Eastern Europe)

  • MEDION ® GoPal ® Navigator AE 5 Navigation

  • TMC, optional TMC

  • Voice

  • Lane Assistant

  • Intelligent routing ‘Clever-Routes’

  • Text to Speech

  • Speed Ratings

  • Tunnel Assistant

  • Integrated PIN security feature

  • ASB - ‘First Aid’ Wizard * (only available in Germany)

  • 4.3 ’ flat panel touch screen display with 65,536 colors

  • 128MB RAM. 1GB ROM

  • SiRFStarIII ™ GPS Receiver

  • SiRFInstantFixII ™ position for quick response

  • Samsung 400MHz CPU

  • Holder with integrated TMC antenna

(Via NaviGadget.)

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